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"Lowest Retail Sod Prices In The Mid-South"

Mix of trees and shrubs on a garden

 •  American smoke tree

 •  Crapemyrtle

 •  Chalk maple

 •  Red maple

 •  Amur maackia

 •  Wireless zelkova

 •  American elm

 •  Black maple


Plant new trees in your yard

Few things infuse a property with life more than impressive and carefully plotted trees and shrubberies. Round out your home's curb appeal with expert landscaping work.


Take advantage of our extensive tree farm to find the species that would best fit the type of home and lot you own.


You can count on our highly experienced team for expert guidance and reliable planting. Turn to us to ensure that your yard is as spectacular as you know it can be.

Explore our tree farm

With thirty years under our belts, our nursery and tree farm have expanded to incorporate an incredible variety of trees and plants suited for any yard.


We carry 80 different species of shrubs in addition to our tree farm, all of which add something different to a property. Stop by and let one of our team members help you with your selection. Whether you're replacing a dying bush or starting anew, we're your crew.

Popular species

To give your yard that perfectly balanced amount of vegetation, turn to the expertise of our highly experienced crew.

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Nursery & Landscaping

"Lowest Retail Sod Price In The Mid-South"